Providing employees with mobile devices to be efficient on the job, and then managing these growing fleets of mobile devices are the challenges of tomorrow for ICT departments. Cloud2be for MDM allows you to ease the management of those devices, in an efficient secure manner.

When talking about Mobile Device Management, we take into consideration the following three elements :

  • Apps : apps need to be deployed, managed and secured, without any impact on user experience or IT support.
  • Users : onboarding of users has to be easy, and settings need to be tailored to their needs in order to increase user experience.
  • Devices : as a company you need to manage your mobile fleet.

We combine our experience as an app developer, with our expertise in device management. This allows us to help our customers with pragmatic, end-to-end solutions, based on proven cloud technology. Our price per device per month, makes it easy to start and evolve if needed.

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