No matter what, business continuity is key!

Business Continuity means ensuring that your organization's critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

Backups alone are not enough. Indeed, your IT systems also need to be up and running for your company to be 100% safe. That's why we offer a flexible range of backup & recovery solutions.

Continuous business process

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Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is an essential element for guaranteeing the continuity of your business in case of a disaster. It's a set of documents that describe procedures & plans that should permit ongoing operation, before and during the execution of disaster recovery. Based on your RPO and RTO, we can assist you in elaborating, auditing and testing your own business continuity plan. 

Remote Backup Solutions

Do you really need your own infrastructure for your backups? Making backups of data is crucial for the correct functioning of any organization. However, investing in and maintaining your own infrastructure can be very time- and money consuming. With our Remote Backup as a Service offering, you're sure to gain efficiency, security, and money... It's a worry-free solution hosted in EASI's own, managed cloud.

Backup Restore Solutions

Making backups is one thing... Being able to restore them in case of need, is another! Any organization that wants to manage its own backup procedures, faces numerous logistic and handling constraints which is a source of human errors and sometimes major costs. With our solutions, you are 100% free to concentrate on your main business and you entrust the logistics to specialists in their domain.

Disaster Recovery options

Backup Restore Test

Your best guarantee towards making sure that you own a consistent backup, that can be restored in case disaster strikes. An assurance towards a successful Disaster Recovery, including a yearly restore test. Based on the results, recommendations are done to improve the quality of the backups.

Cold Recovery Services

A guaranteed disaster recovery environment to resume your business activities as soon as possible. In case of disaster, you can recover your activity without having to invest in a second IT room. The recovery is based on a restore from a backup. In this scenario, your RTO is defined in days (1-2 days).

Quick Recovery Services

A duplicate of the original site of the organization. Real-time (or near real-time) synchronization is used between the two sites to mirror the environments. Following a disaster, the backup-site can be used in no time, with minimal loss to normal operations and data. In this scenario, your RTO is defined in minutes or hours.

Our added value

Local partnership

Data are companies most precious assets these days. With EASI's business continuity solutions, you have the certainty that your data stays solely on Belgian territory and that it is managed by a local partner that you know. Of course, your data remain your own property and are managed by our best engineers.

Pay what you use

Our backup- and business continuity solutions are very scalable and able to follow your evolutions in terms of data volumes, upwards and downwards. You can confidently plan any development (upwards or downwards) of your business without having to worry about the impacts that this will have on the performance of your backups and your costs.


Your backups will always be properly and suitably performed, and the restoration process of your backups will be executed a lot faster, more efficiëntly and without hassle. Different backup restore guarantee levels are available, depending on your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

Technologies & partnerships

Trend Micro
Microsoft SQL
IBM Notes
Arcad Software
VMware Enterprise Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner
IBM Platinum Business Partner
Dell Technologies Gold Partner
IBM Power Systems
VMWare Cloud Verified
Citrix Silver Solution Advisor
Apple iOS

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Idelux AIVE

"Thanks to EASI's Safe2be solution, we no longer need to have in-house expertise for this purpose."

Doyen Auto

"We are now better prepared for dealing with any failure of our critical IT infrastructure."


"Thanks to real-time data replication, both environments are constantly kept up-to-date."


'Our system is down' is becoming a thing of the past."


"Safe2be provides better flexibility towards the future."

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