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IBM Power Systems solutions

Based on our technical competencies and specialisations, we offer a wide range of solutions around the IBM Power Systems platform. A (non-exhaustive) list of solutions is provided below :

High Availability for IBM i

In terms of High Availability solutions, we offer a wide range of solutions which enables us to propose the best solution to fit our customers' needs: 

  • Software based solutions: Quick-EDD 
  • Hardware based solutions: IBM replication based on storage
  • IBM Power HA with XSM (Cross-Site Mirroring solutions)


Printing Solutions for IBM i

  • Quick Spool executes predefined merger, splitting or sorting scenarios for your SCS, IPDS or AFP spools, then routes them depending on the organisation of your business, and this without modifying the original spool.
  • Quick Press is a software for graphical formatting of your spools on the IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries, Power i), that needs neither programming knowledge, nor modification of your original spools.


Security Solutions for IBM i

  • Cilasoft QJRN/400 saves companies time and money on regulatory compliance as well as detects fraudulent activity on all system or database activity.  Accurate, readable reports are easy to generate and can be automatically delivered to designated personnel.
  • Cilasoft Controller : as a true global access control platform that secures any type of access, CONTROLER takes a unique data-centric approach that brings power, flexibility and readability to your IBM i access rules.


Cloud solutions for IBM i

  • IBM rewarded us, as the first partner in Belgium, with the title of IBM Power Systems Cloud Provider. This is a very exclusive title and guarantees an excellent combination of skills & expertise in IBM Power Systems cloud solutions.
  • Cloud2be offers a wide range of possibilities for hosting your IBM Power servers. Different modes are possible:
    • You can host your entire IBM Power infrastructure, combined with your other IT infrastructure (Intel, ...) in our cloud and leave the full management up to EASI's experts
    • You can keep your production machine on premise and foresee a backup environment in Cloud2be (our CRS offering)
    • Any other hybrid solution is possible... we are very flexible and unique in the market in migrating complex IT environments (mixed IBM Power & Intel) to the cloud


Externalisation of backups

  • Do you really need to have your backups on your site? In our Safe2be offering, we have an interesting solution for the externalisation of your IBM Power i backups. 


Backup restore solutions

  • Safe2be offers solutions for backups and restore for IBM Power i as well as other technologies. Based on your desired RPO & RTO, we can offer an adapted solution that fits your needs: 
    • BRT (Backup and Restore Test)
    • CRS (Cold Recovery Services)
    • QRS (Quick Recovery Services) 


Revamping of RPG applications

  • Web enabling of RPG applications thanks to the use of web services



  • Monitoring of your IBM Power i infrastructure


Managed Services

  • Thanks to our very flexible managed services offerings, you can reduce costs and decrease the complexity of managing your own IT infrastructure and applications. Focus on your core business and get monthly reportings about our performances and pro-active interventions.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • EASI offers different SLA's for customers that need to use our services outside normal working hours. Our contracts go up to a full 24/7 SLA with a guaranteed intervention.


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