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Jonas Herinckx
Jonas Herinckx
For a lot of smaller companies, shared mailboxes seem to be one of the easiest ways to manage questions coming in through email. There are 3 important things you should know about this way of working.
Jari Van den Nest
Jari Van den Nest
A new variant of the Spectre (Variant 1) side-channel vulnerability has been discovered that affects all modern Intel CPUs, and probably some AMD processors as well, which leverage speculative execution for high performance, Microsoft and Red Hat warned.
Maxime Thans
Maxime Thans
A property manager should be able to list and monitor all charges that are to be re-invoiced to the different tenants during the settlement of service charges. To do so, various documents must be included as attachments to the invoice so that each tenant can easily find their way...