SmartMail offers a centralized email and collaboration environment in which emails, activities and calendars are centralized and shared.

  • Never forget an email : Thanks to the advanced activities manager, you and your colleagues will never forget an e-mail anymore. No more stress!
  • Share information : Information stored in SmartMail is available for all colleagues! Of course, information can be marked as confidential if needed!
  • SMS style conversations : Read your emails like SMS conversations for more readability. Conversations only show the essential information from your emails.
  • Tag activities : Activities can be tagged to facilitate project management. All related activities will be grouped into one project for your teams.

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InboxZero : Simple, fast, intuitive, InboxZero is the best email app to get your inbox zero.

  • Chat conversations : InboxZero automatically brings together your emails in chat-like conversations.
  • Reminders : Add reminders to your conversations. They will reappear in your inbox at the right time.
  • Serenity : You decide which emails you want to see in your inbox and which notifications you receive.

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SmartSales is a Mobile sales presentation tool for iPad.

  • Provide your sales teams with a powerful presentation tool which enables them to be more effective when they are in front of their customers.
  • Make sure your sales teams use up-to-date marketing materials and collect all customer related information to optimize sales processes.
  • Integrate SmartSales with your existing CRM/ERP application (product catalog, promotions, customer visit reports, geographic reportings, ...).

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SmartDrive is a professional, European alternative for DropBox, iCloud, GoogleDrive and OneDrive.

  • Share one document or an entire folder with anyone (colleague or external persons).
  • Files synched in SmartDrive will be synchronised automatically to all connected devices.
  • Access your documents from any mobile device (Tablet or SmartPhone) or computer with an internet connection.
  • Active Directory integration and File Server integration enabled!
  • Enterprise level security & backup, assured by Cloud2be
  • Belgian solution. All files are located in Belgium.

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SmartShare is a suite of collaborative software solutions based on IBM Notes/Domino, and 100% integrated with the IBM Notes messaging platform.

  • Collaboration : Improve the collaboration between your colleagues.
  • Paperless : Eliminate the use of paper documents in your organization!
  • Mobile availability : Access your databases and your to do lists from your mobile device!

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SalesPad is a mobile presentation tool to share, improve and analyze your commercial presentations.

  • Analyse and increase the productivity of your sales reps.
  • Update and dispatch your presentations, price lists and other documents to the right people.
  • Give your sales reps the best tool on the market.

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SmartPush is a communication tool which allows you to send short and instant information on mobile devices.

  • The app allows to send push messages to all persons who have installed the app "SmartPush Receiver" on their device.
  • The push messages can be sent cross-platform on all types of devices (iOS, Android or Windows).
  • The administrator can measure the performance of its message with our analytic tool (different types of devices, number of messages sent per type of device, different senders of messages …).
  • The messages can be sent from the iOS app but also through the web interface.

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