De KMO-portefeuille is een subsidiemaatregel van de Vlaamse Overheid die kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen een extra financiële steun biedt. Jaarlijks kunnen ondernemers € 10.000 (kleine ondernemingen tot 50 werknemers) tot € 15.000 (middelgrote ondernemingen tot 250 werknemers) subsidies bekomen als ze advies inwinnen en/of opleiding volgen.  In juni 2017 werd door het Agentschap Ondernemen het certificaat voor de pijler ‘Opleiding’ uitgereikt aan EASI. 

Do you need an antispam system when you migrate to Office 365? That's the question and we will try to answer it.

What about user retention on our app InboxZero ? How can we analyze it, discover the flaws and improve it ? Let's have a look at what we did.  

Here are the most used tools in Adfinity

We have recently noticed that the new Microsoft Windows 10 update triggers a critical anomaly in EASI Financials / Adfinity.
Follow here the process to correct this anomaly.

As you all probably know, EASI already offers you a solution to backup your Virtual Machines into our cloud. But what about your user endpoints? What if one of your employee's laptops gets stolen? What if a cryptovirus infects the endpoint?


La langue ne sera plus une barrière lors de vos présentations.

Malware attacks sometimes encourage IT departments to turn inward and delay investment in new technologies like cloud computing, fearing that something managed by others will be more vulnerable. That's where IT departments are wrong!

Adfinity's SmartCODA solution enables intelligent recognition and interpretation of bank movements. One of the difficulties is linked to card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bancontact, etc.). What can be automated? How to deal with payments by terminals?

Lors de la dernière Google I/O, on nous a présenté Android Go. Mais qu'est-ce ? D'après Google, ce serait la solution pour améliorer les performances des devices bas de gamme.