Votre application IBM Notes n'est pas pratique ? Vos utilisateurs ne veulent plus utiliser le client IBM Notes ? Il est peut être temps de passer au web grâce à l'XPages !

Peu importe le logiciel utilisé, il est fort probable que vous soyez confrontés un jour ou l'autre à un comportement inattendu de l'application.

Every month, almost every financial director in Belgium opens an Excel file and starts analysing the data... but first, he needs to treat them, change them, make tables and graphs of them, ... in short: he needs to make the figures speak! Some of them dispose of Excel sheets that can be refreshed in real-time, based on a direct connection to a database. But after a while, this type of Excelsheets can become slower and slower...

La collaboration entre designers et développeurs n'est pas toujours facile, heureusement il existe des outils pour améliorer cette collaboration.

Connaissez-vous Zeplin ?

Here at EASI, we are heavy users of Git as version control system. Its flexibility allows multiple users to work on the same codebase, and it's easy to have an history of all the changes that occured in a project.

When speaking about a Cloud environment, the most important part is the connectivity. You can have the best servers of the world in the very best data center, but, if your connectivity is bad, too slow, not reliable or keeps dropping now and then, you will end up having issues with you end users and probably your management.

Norway switches off FM radio transmission... the end of radio as we know?

You have read, heard and see thousands of pictures about it. You heard the word “kick-off” on your first day at EASI. You think about your outfit and launch yourself into a special sport/diet program 3 months in advance (or is it just me?). But what makes it so special?

As an entrepreneur, you can be sure of one thing: you have to keep track of your accounting. To do so properly, you obviously use an accounting software program. Choosing the right accounting software that best suits your needs, is extremely important, because this may come with many advantages and/or disadvantages. In this article, we will provide you with a few points that you definitely need to consider.

Dans l’imaginaire collectif, le terme « refactoring » est mal interprété. « Refactoring ? Non, impossible, cela nous coutera trop cher pour le même programme ». « Refactoring ? Pour quoi faire, ça marche très bien comme ça. On va plutôt se concentrer sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités ». Voici quelques exemples de réaction qu’un programmeur récoltera lorsqu’il parlera de refactoring.

Mais le refactoring : qu’est-ce que c’est ?