In October, Google announced some great new technologies which leads us a little bit further into the future.
From Google’s new smart phones to its new smart home offerings, here’s everything we hold back from their announcement.

Chocolatey est une application qui va certainement ravir les fans de la ligne de commande.  Cette dernière n'est pas neuve cependant elle reste encore méconnue.

Grâce à une commande bien précise vous pourrez installer vos logiciels préférés sans devoir accéder aux différents sites pour les télécharger.

A few weeks ago, we asked the manager of Metaphisa if SmartDrive suited her needs. Find a part of the feedback in this article.

Security is important, whether it is virtual or physical.

In the same way as you lock your house, car, safe, … you should secure and protect your online assets.

In EASI Financials, approval cycles for documents can start automatically. The persons that need to approve documents, can do so in two handy tools.
The first possibility is to approve the documents in our web interface. This has been completely redeveloped recently in PHP. The interface is 100% responsive and thus adapts to the size of the screen of your device.

During the latest months, we realized a lot of investments in Cloud2be. In line with the growing workloads on our cloud, the Cloud2be infrastructure say welcome to the next-generation IBM V7000.

After reading this article, you will be able to install & enable data deduplication on your fileserver.

Since a little bit more than a year, the Maison Marie Immaculée uses Cloud2be for the hosting of their data. The right moment for us to make up a report with this satisfied customer.

In the previous weeks, we've been talking about RPO, RTO and DRP, but how can you combine all of them in order to design the perfect for your company?

Avec toutes les annonces récentes concernant l'implication de Microsoft dans le monde Linux et plus particulièrement lors de la conférence Microsoft Connect dont je vous parlais lors d'un précédent article, c'est une énorme surprise de découvrir que Microsoft SQL Server est enfin disponible sur Linux.