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Our teams are dedicated to helping our customers reach their full potential. We do this by providing high-quality services combined to a very high responsiveness and an excellent level of technical expertise. Our pragmatic, long-term thinking and very result-oriented approach has resulted in consistent high customer satisfaction levels since our startup in 1999. 

Application development

Each company & environment requires a unique approach to software and needs solutions that are tailored to its particular objectives and organizational structure. EASI provides software development services for all kind of organisations, leveraging proven technologies & 20 years of expertise to bring your organisation to its full potential.

Mobile development

Since the rise of mobile devices, mobile apps have become mainstream with billions of users worldwide. Any company, whether B2B or B2C, can conceive of a mobile app for its business. EASI can help you with strategic advice and app development services on most platforms: iPhone/iPad & Android.

Support services

With an EASI Co-sourcing contract, EASI becomes the extension of your IT-department. You call on EASI whenever you need to, and you can access all of our profiles: Application Developers, Mobile Developers, System Administrators, Project Managers, Functional Analysts, ... Capitalize on a privileged contract with EASI through your Service Delivery Manager!

Managed Services

Entrusting EASI for the management and security of your daily IT operations and infrastructure brings a lot of added value for your business. Thanks to EASI’s managed services offerings, you drive growth by using world-class technologies while reducing costs and complexity of managing your own environment. Our result-driven, long-term approach is your best guarantee for a successfull collaboration between your IT-department and our experts.