There is no way around it, (cyber) security and securing your IT infrastructure has become an element enterprises need to take seriously. On a daily basis, new vulnerabilities and weaknesses are discovered across various technologies widely used within enterprises. Security is a continuous process, which is receiving more and more attention from senior management. 

Within EASI, we know that security is key. Based on our experience of more than 15 years in managing cloud and on-premise infrastructures, plus the acquisition of INTO IT (a true security firm), we are able to deliver adequate security solutions to our customers. 

We believe that it is crucial for companies to know the weak points within their IT infrastructure, and do something about it. Such weak points might pose a threat, and thus a way-in for malicious outsiders or could be exposed by gruntled employees. Making sure that you lower the risk of data breaches or leaks are very important nowadays with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right around the corner. Intelligent and targeted investments in securing and strengthening your IT infrastructure are key to protect your corporate data, confidential data, customer data, intellectual property, etc... , while keeping your IT budget under control.

In order to achieve this, EASI has developed the Systems Hardening Audit - allowing you to have a close look at your IT infrastructure, layer per layer, to ensure your IT environment is and remains healthy.

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