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Wi-Fi Networks

Designing a suitable and scalable Wireless network is not just a plug and play story.
Capacity, speed and safety are priorities. Whether you are a small home office, a multi-site company, a plant, an aula, a car dealer, etc., you want to give your users or customers the best experience they deserve.

EASI has been through it all starting with Wi-Fi coverage studies, site surveys, architecture, and design through to pricing, installing and servicing your Wi-Fi. EASI is also subject matter expert when it comes to securing your wireless network and segregating it in different networks.

Whether you want to start from the ground up or optimize/troubleshoot your current setup because you get complaints about the speed of your wireless network, do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can discuss the potential next steps.

Alternatively, come and visit our premises so we can show you around our Wi-Fi office.

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