User Awareness

Companies often come to us with questions like: “I’ve taken all possible security measurements – Firewall, Antivirus, anti spam, webfilters, IDP & IPS, etc.- Still, my data has been encrypted by a cryptovirus. What am I doing wrong?”

The answer is: You have forgotten your users!

When it comes to IT-security, most companies do focus on the technical part (which is a good start). However, the user is often the root cause of an intrusion or security breach and without proper training and awareness he or she will make the same mistakes over and over again.

Therefore, security awareness trainings should be as equally important as the technical and procedural measurements of your organization’s layered approach to defending itself from cyber threats.

Investing in your employees by providing them with the knowledge to help them detect suspicious activity will not only improve your chances of uncovering malicious activity across your network, it will also assist your employees in protecting themselves when they are using the internet at home.

The vision and approach of EASI:

Be creative

Our key messages are clear, non-technical and accessible to a wide audience. We do this by making things real for the user and encouraging active participation in our training sessions.

Measure Progress

We conduct assessments to challenge and measure the users in order to make them aware at all times.

Keep it simple and dedicated

The security awareness training is adapted to the audience.

Multi-period & themed approach

We work in phases and themes to make the users experience more in-depth and to keep them concerned and focused.

In conclusion: “Don’t bother to invest in security if you are not prepared to invest in security awareness for your users”.

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