Forensics analysis

What type of company are you?

There are different types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that have not been hacked so far. This being said, if you think you have not been hacked, it might well mean that it is going to happen sooner or later or -even worse- that you have been hacked without yourself knowing it!

Eventually, your company should only belong to the following category: Those companies that mitigate risks by enabling a procedure allowing them to react promptly in case of hacking and potential data loss.

EASI wants to empower its customers to react swiftly in case of cyber threats by anticipating logging and behavioral analysis. This, in turn, will allow for forensics analysis: looking for evidence - most of the time - in past events to determine the root cause/origin of the cyberthreat.

Being able to find that useful information based on facts enables your company to correctly patch and proactively prevent further issues.

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