• Endpoint security

Why Endpoint Protection matters

Endpoint protection (once better known as antivirus) used to be the number 1 protection method for computers a long time ago.
Then came enterprise networks and their strong perimeter protection solutions - Next-Gen Firewall, Secure Mail Relay, Proxies ... - which made Endpoint protection decline in terms of priority because the perimeter was so well protected that Endpoints were considered safe by default.

However, over the last few years, Endpoint protection became again a very hot topic. Why? There are several reasons:

  • The Endpoint is still the number 1 target for attacks. Endpoints are manipulated by humans and humans are often the weakest link in the security chain. This, in turn, tends to weaken the Endpoint. 
  • Perimeter protection solutions often miss the context. They are analyzing partial data and cannot always put them all together to contextualize and see the full picture.
  • The traditional perimeter does not exist as such anymore. The company perimeter protection is often helpless: 
    • Mobile Endpoints move from within the company perimeter to external networks like public Wi-Fi, home networks, 3G hotspots, etc
    • Cloud applications require a new approach with different layers of security
  • Hackers make more efforts to be successful and malware became more and more sophisticated: malware masking, sandbox evasion, fileless malware and exploitation of zero day vulnerabilities are common things nowadays.

The Endpoint is the only place where full visibility can be accomplished but the right technology is required. Legacy antivirus solutions mainly rely on signatures which are not effective anymore. The number of unknown (previously unseen) malware is growing exponentially and you cannot wait for a vendor to create a signature to be protected. 

Why Next-Gen Endpoint Protection matters more than ever

Just like Next-Gen Firewalls disrupted the Firewall market a decade ago, Next-Gen Antivirus solutions are disrupting the Endpoint protection market now. They go further than the classic anti-virus as they leverage technologies like Behavioral Analysis, Traffic Detection, Exploit Mitigation and Deep Learning to understand the processes running on your machine and ultimately to stop malicious activity. 

When some malicious activity fires up, Next-Gen Endpoint solutions help control the damages, provide remediation capabilities and provide forensics insights to have full information about what happened in order to be able to take the necessary actions.

No security solution may guarantee 100% effectiveness over all attack vectors but a strong Endpoint Protection solution is key to slightly reduce the attack surface of your Endpoints but also in your company.

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