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Data Protection

Can you confirm that no company data is stored by nobody in your company?

No, you cannot. because digital transformation brought dozens of decentralized software and endpoints with her and this is causing trouble in managing those data "recipients" let alone issues with regards to security.

Losing data to the outside world is harmless if that data is useless. Unfortunately, the data you keep or you synchronize in an ecosystem of devices is often critical to one's job. Whether this data is a Visio scheme designed by an architect, a database containing sensitive confidential data about customers and suppliers, an excel sheet containing monthly key performance indicators, losing that data or having it released to the outside world might bring you into operational, financial or reputational issues.

Data was previously treated and protected within the network perimeter. Now, data is becoming more and more public, via portal sites, through websites.

How sure are you that these data are protected and backed up and that there are no shadow data?

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