Windows 10 Avril 2018, plus connue sous le nom Windows 10 v1803 peut devenir un véritable cauchemar pour certains utilisateurs. En effet, une fois installée celle-ci peut rendre votre ordinateur inutilisable. 
For the first time in about 10 years, I bought a Nokia phone. Nokia, you say? Didn't they miss the smartphone train years ago? Yes they did, but now they're finally back! And in my opinion, they're here to stay.

What is my most valuable data? Is it backed up? Is it protected? These are some questions you may have already asked yourself. But what about systems that process or store this data? Are they correctly configured? Are they vulnerable? Let's find out!

Pourquoi Google a t’il décidé de supporter le Kotlin alors que je Java fonctionnait parfaitement? Découvrez-le ici.
If some off-time is much appreciate by everybody, you also like to be available-reachable even when you're not at your desk. Let's review some of the most interesting SmartShare features you can now enjoy where ever you want to.
Upgrade now to mitigate the ROBOT vulnerability on your systems!
Since a few weeks, we get international vibes when entering the office. We are hosting an exclusive New-York photography exhibition of Lindsay Zebier. As we work day after day surrounded by her art, we wanted to learn a little more about her and her photographs. 
Step 4 of our journey to a secure IT environment will bring us to the micro-segmentation. What is that?
A little while ago, I wrote a post about why our Cloud2be solution differs from other cloud solutions. Today I can proudly say that we have successfully migrated yet another customer to our Cloud2be; more specifically: Electro-Flandria.
The Power 6 and Power 7 have been around for a while now and even if the Power 7 doesn’t seem that old, it actually is. As IBM launched the Power 9 this year, it makes sense to stamp an end-of-support date on older machines in order to redirect customers towards this new model. Curious to see if your system is on the list?