Mobile Apps

Since the rise of mobile devices, mobile apps have become mainstream with billions of users worldwide. Any company, whether B2B or B2C, can conceive of a mobile app for its business. Apps are everywhere and can cover a large panel of needs:

  • a marketing tool
  • for customer retention
  • in e-commerce applications
  • as an internal tool to optimise workflows within the organisation

Of course, this evolution is accompanied by an important switch in IT infrastructure : mobile device management, security, corporate appstores, compliance, BYOD, CYOD, ... Those are only a few key concepts which are becoming more and more important today!

Whatever your goal or needs, EASI can help you with strategic advice and app development services on all platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone

We also offer solutions suited to your specific needs, when it comes to mobile infrastructure, security and mobile device management.

App Development Services