Evaluations to evolve!

No idea as to where you stand in your development and what you will need for a promotion? Whether there is room for advancement? Not at EASI!

Our staff members and their managers meet twice a year for the annual evaluations. An evaluation at the start of the year to take stock of the year just closed and to fix objectives, and another in mid-year. The evaluations are the ideal moment to assess an employee’s progress. More specifically, EASI has defined 8 key competencies per position. These 8 competencies are divided into levels which are used to gauge where the employee stands in relation to the expectations from each position.

During the interviews, each manager goes over all the competencies and points out the successes and expectations for advance. On such occasions the employee can also express his or her feelings about each of those competencies. This modus operandi is a very efficient means for us to assess the progress of all our employees in the company in an objective manner – one that ensures respect from one and all for the others and their success. Finally, these evaluations are also an opportunity to discuss the employee’s pay package which is also based on competencies and job level.