• Ann Heyerick Software Professionals

    Here are some reasons why you should laugh while working at EASI: Your and your colleagues' workday starts great when everybody comes to say hello with a big smile. A busy workday filled with phone calls and questions and searching for solutions is going so much better with a smile. The trust that you receive from your colleagues and customers in your competences makes sure that you keep smiling. Who knows, maybe sometime I will put a smile on your face.

  • Anne-Sophie Duchêne Mobile consultant

    When I think about my job the word "happy" comes to my mind. Why? Because everyday when I come to work I am glad to be there. Working surrounded by a bunch of smiling people makes your day easy. I am grateful to work for EASI !

  • Dirk Slechten Hardware Professionals

    I have been working since more than 8 years for EASI. In that time EASI has evolved from a small IT company to a well-recognized company. It pushes, challenges and embraces people to evolve with and within EASI. This spirit automatically creates a dynamism where as well the people as EASI evolve. As a knowledge hungry system engineer, each day I discover new technology products, techniques, gain deeper knowledge about infrastructure. Every day is a new challenge and never boring. If you want to evolve, EASI is the right place to start!

  • Gilles Vanhal Sales & Marketing Professionals

    I see the word "Growth" as an ambiguous word: on one hand it means the growth of EASI as an organization, which is reflecting in a positive way on the employees. For example, they offer a lot of nice activities and events for all our employees which have a beneficial impact on the atmosphere. On the other hand you have the personal growth and development. EASI gives you the possibility to grow on in your function and offers you a lot of trainings.

  • Laure de Pauw Finance, Administration & HR

    Our company is as extraordinary as our people! It’s the first time that I work in a company with so many motivated, happy and purposeful people. Also for the first time, I’ve got the feeling that everyone here is driven by the idea of bringing our company to the highest level, as if it was their own enterprise. This positive attitude comes, amongst others, from our management’s philosophy. They support us and all our efforts to improve the well-being at work of our collaborators. It such a pleasure, as HR advisor, to work in a company as EASI.

  • Mohamed El Hosroute Sales & Marketing Professionals

    Feeling good in a company is extremely important. It’s crucial for your personal development but also for the well-being of the staff. We feel good at EASI. Relationships between colleagues are warm-hearted. We all target the same goal. Recognition is another crucial element our company’s philosophy. It’s universal: a simple “thank you” puts us in a good mood and allows us to achieve happiness.