• Systems Hardening Audit

We're looking for motivated and ambitious System Engineers!

If you're joining the Systems Integration department, you will be surrounded by a group who is very talented, highly motivated and with lots of experience.

More than 300 clients rely on the services of EASI when it comes to ambitious projects which require the most recent technologies. The Systems Integration team also manages on a daily basis the IT infrastructure of customers who see EASI as a true IT-partner on the long term. Thus, 90% of the interventions carried out by our support team, are technical complex issues linked to servers and networks. Only 10% consists of end-user support.

Customer Satisfaction is by far EASI's main priority! In 2014 the Systems Integration department managed to score for the third year in a row, more than 80% in terms of customer satisfaction!

The career possibilities at EASI are focused on expertise. If you are joining the Systems Integration team as a generalist, you will have the opportunity to become an expert in one of the technologies in which EASI is expert. And if you are a specialist in one of our technologies, EASI will help you to become an even better expert. EASI can also train you to become an specialist in another technology. Each year, a System Engineer will follow on average 10 to 15 training days.

There are several technical function levels, from Technical Engineer to Executive System Engineer and from Project Manager to Team Manager. Whatever your experience and your expectations may be, EASI will help you to evolve and to go in the direction that suits you the best! Per function level, your manager will help you to develop the key skills to become an outstanding System Engineer.

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Job Vacancy Working location
Job | Junior System Engineer | Louvain EASI Leuven
Job | Microsoft Exchange Senior System Engineer | Louvain EASI Leuven
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