• business consultant

Wanted: Software and Business professionals

At EASI, within our software development teams, we have divided our different functions into 6 levels, from Consultant to Team Manager. For each professional, there is a suitable level! EASI allows everyone to evolve to the function that best fits its skills: technical (Bachelor, Master IT) or functional (Master, management, ..). Depending on your experience and qualifications, you will find your way to your perfect job.

The knowledge of our products, our technology and our business models are essential for your success. Being a consultant at EASI is the essential step through which you will have the opportunity to grow into the richness of our multi-client business. As a business consultant, you will offer a lot of added value to our customers, which are active in a very varied activities, and you will hold a lot of responsibilities!

Our model is based on a step by step evolution which will allow you to obtain a detailed and global knowledge of our solutions. In fact, during your first steps at EASI, you will start learning 2 axes : the technical and the functional part.

  • Technical : the technical skills needed to be able to develop our tools
  • Functional : for the functional part of our solutions

After a few years on a common core, you will have the opportunity to specialize into one of these possibilities :

  • Towards a functional expertise : If you excel in the business aspects and customers processes
  • To technical expertise : If you excel in the technical mastery of our technologies
  • Towards project management : if you excel in mastering budgets, timings, ...

Job Vacancy Working location
Job | Php Developer | Nivelles
EASI Nivelles, EASI Leuven
Spontaneous application
Location to be defined
Job | Junior Analyst-Programmer | Nivelles | Leuven
EASI Nivelles, EASI Leuven
Job | Junior Business Consultant | Nivelles | Leuven
EASI Nivelles, EASI Leuven