Wanted: Sales & Marketing Professionals

Each sales representative at EASI specializes in one of our products or services. Indeed, we assume that a sales representative must master its products in order to target the needs of customers and prospects. When starting as a sales representative at EASI, you will receive a demanding and comprehensive training on the solutions or services you are going to sell.

There are several levels of function within the sales & marketing department, ranging from Junior Sales Engineer to Executive Account Manager or Team Manager. At each level of function, there are new challenges and new skills to master.

As Sales so you have the opportunity to join one of the following sales teams :

  • EASI Financials
  • EASI Smartshare & Collaboration solutions
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Mobile

Also, in recent years, EASI allows certain employees to open the border markets. Sales representatives with a certain amount of expertise, have the opportunity to go find new customers abroad! A larger portfolio of new markets, managing a sales team, .... a lot of opportunities are open, when you join EASI's sales & marketing team!

Job Vacancy Working location
Job | Junior Account Manager | Leuven | Nijvel | Ghent EASI Nivelles, EASI Leuven, EASI Gent
Spontaneous application Location to be defined