• Systems Hardening Audit

Systems Hardening Audit

EASI's Systems Hardening Audit focuses on the IT technical aspects of the protection of data within your IT infrastructure. 

The first phase of the Systems Hardening Audit is all about gathering information. EASI’s Security Engineers will focus on your critical applications and systems and collect all necessary information to perform the audit. This information will be gathered through interviews, data extracts, tools, checks, our own procedures and supporting documentation. The focus of this audit will be put on the protection of data.

Every Systems Hardening Audit we perform is different: we adapt the audit to fit to the exact needs of each and every customer.

Checks will be performed at different levels:

  • Network
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web
  • Endpoints
  • Data
  • Storage
  • Server
  • Databases
  • Mail
  • ...

After the analysis and interpretation of the results, we provide you with a detailed report containing quick-wins and other elements to be put on your security roadmap.

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