Rational Developer for Power - PSRT01


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  • 2 days


  • This course explains the most important features of Rational Developer for i. Hands-on exercises give you the opportunity to learn how to use the different features of Rational Developer for i, resulting in an important productivity gain.


  • The target audience for this course is the (experienced) RPG(LE) developer, who is still (occasionally) using SEU and PDM or is already using Rational Developer but wants to learn more about its features.


  • Experience in using Rational Developer for i is not required
  • Each user must have a pc with the Rational Developer software correctly installed
  • Access to the internet for the trainer (only if personalized course at the customer's office)

This course covers the following topics:

Introduction to RD for i

  • Overview of the look and feel of RD for i
  • RD for i versus PDM and SEU

Getting started with RD for i

  • Workspace
  • Perspectives
  • Eclipse basics
  • Setting up an IBM i connection

Remote systems explorer

  • Objects - commands - jobs - IFS files
  • Creating library, object and member filters
  • Compile and User actions
  • Searching

Objects table

  • Work with libraries, objects and members
  • Show in table : libraries, objects, members, fields, data

Getting help

LPEX editor

  • Getting started
  • Tokenization
  • Viewing or editing multiple members
  • Split 1 member
  • Outline view
  • Show block nesting
  • Show indentation
  • Automatic syntax checking
  • Verify source
  • Filter menu
  • Find/replace
  • Compare sources
  • Content assist
  • Useful shortcuts

Visual debugger

  • Set/remove service entry point
  • Debug perspective
  • Set and remove breakpoints
  • Resume, step into, step over, step return
  • Monitor expression
  • Display and change variables
  • End debug properly
  • Parameter update production files and option source debug
  • System debugger

DDS design

  • Screen designer
  • Report designer

 Code coverage

EASI is an official training provider, recognised by the Flemish gouvernment's 'KMO-portefeuille'. 


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