Power System for i - New operator workshop for IBM i - AS24


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  • 4 days


This course enables a new system operator or a future administrator to develop the skills needed for day-to-day operations of System i. Specifically, the course explains how to :

  • Use system displays, control language commands, messages, and help support
  • Start and stop the system
  • Monitor and control jobs, output, and devices
  • Use security and save/restore functions
  • Save and restore objects
  • Resolve system problems
  • Order, receive, and install PTFs

Hands-on exercises reinforce the lecture topics and prepare the student to successfully operate a System i.


  • this course is intended for the person who has responsibility for daily system operations as an operator or as a future administrator.


  • There no prerequisites for this course.

This course covers the following topics :

  • Send, display, and respond to messages
  • Use the online help and reference materials
  • Monitor and control job queues, active jobs and output queues
  • Create and change user profiles
  • Use authorization lists and group profiles
  • Start and stop the operating system (i or i5/OS)
  • Manage system devices, user display stations, and printers
  • Save and restore objects and libraries
  • Monitor job and history logs
  • Diagnose a system problem
  • Order, receive, and install PTFs

EASI is an official training provider, recognised by the Flemish gouvernment's 'KMO-portefeuille'. 


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