Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.x Applications - Intermediate skills - D8530


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  • 3 days


  • This course builds on the skills the IBM Lotus Domino 8 Application Development (D8510) course. Through instructor lecture and student centered activities and exercises, students learn to use IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8 to develop multidatabase applications.


  • The target audience for this course is application developers who have experience creating or modifying single database applications with Lotus Domino Designer 6, 7, or 8.


  • Students taking this course should have experience using the IBM Lotus Notes client to access applications and possess the equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience developing Lotus Domino 6, 7, or 8 applications. Students should have completed the Fundamentals of Lotus Domino 8 Application Development or Developing Lotus Domino 6/6.5 Applications Foundation Skills course.

This course covers the following topics :

After completing this course, students should be able to :

  • Use formula language to inspect and manipulate text values and lists, and use iterative statement functions.
  • Implement functions that interact with users through different types of dialog boxes using the @Prompt and @DialogBox functions.
  • Implement advanced view design features to enhance how Lotus Notes displays documents.
  • Examine and use several IBM Lotus Domino design elements as navigation structures, including links and imagemaps.
  • Create and embed an outline.
  • Work with framesets and frames.
  • Access data in Lotus Domino databases by using formula language and profile documents.
  • Use the formula language to access data sources using the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface.
  • Examine Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) and implement realtime data mapping between an IBM Lotus Domino application and a relational database.
  • Implement workflow in Lotus Domino applications.
  • Secure Lotus Domino application data by controlling access and encrypting data.

Lesson 1: Working with Strings, Lists, and Loops
Lesson 2: Writing Formulas to Interact with the User
Lesson 3: Advanced View Design
Lesson 4: Adding Navigational Elements Using Links and Imagemaps
Lesson 5: Working with Outlines
Lesson 6: Creating a Frameset
Lesson 7: Accessing Data in IBM Lotus Domino Databases
Lesson 8: Accessing NonDomino Data
Lesson 9: Mapping Data Between IBM Lotus Domino and Relational Databases
Lesson 10: Adding Workflow to IBM Lotus Domino Applications
Lesson 11: Securing IBM Lotus Domino Application Data


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