Intelligent email integration

Emails are automatically linked to a task so you don't overlook anything. Transform emails into actions and reply to them from within your rooftop environment. Say goodbye to copy-pasting emails into your old fashioned task manager.

Rooftop email integration into tasks

Keep track of the full communication flow

From the first email to the last call: the entire communication flow linked to a task ensures that you can easily check the progress. An incoming call? You'll find everything in just a few clicks. 

Rooftop history animation in english

Smart task assignment

The smart system automatically assigns tasks to the concerned responsible to make sure everything is taken care of by the members of your team. You can also manually assign tasks to share the workload. 

Rooftop smart assignment of your tasks

Teamwork makes the dream work

By visualizing tasks and setting goals, your team can achieve "mini victories" when completing tasks. Try it! 

It's addictive and it's as easy as sending an email. 

Stay ahead of recurring tasks

Planning meetings and building maintenance tasks has never been so easy. Notifications keep you informed when you need to take a step in the process so you can take care of your daily business.

Rooftop recurring tasks

"Can you check this for me?"

Within a task you can inform each other with internal comments about current affairs, share the workload and avoid duplication. Need a colleague or information about something, just notify them to get things done. 

Rooftop notify your colleagues

Measure your business performance

Track and monitor the activity of your team with charts and reports that will visualize your KPI's and help you to improve your business. Get detailed stats about your team's workload and boost your business.

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Rooftop statistics

Increase customer satisfaction

Get rid of stress and working behind closed doors. Enjoy the freedom in your head when everything is nicely organized. Free up time for the things that really matter.

Visualize the status of internal processes

You simply continue to work according to your own structures and processes, without adjusting them. Rooftop only maps them out and make sure that you as a team don't miss a single step in the process.

Rooftop internal processes

All attachments in one place

Tasks are often accompanied by the necessary files and pictures. With Rooftop you have access to a database that stores all the necessary documents related to a task. 

Rooftop all attachments

Get a bird’s eye view of your chat and agent activity

In the live feed you get an overview of everything that is going on so you will always be on top of things. 

Rooftop live feed

Filter tasks by your needs

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