Business Continuity

Trust in Safe2be for a secured continuity of your business in the cloud. Thanks to Safe2be, business continuity has finally become possible for every kind of organisation!

We offer different types of solutions through Intel or Power environment to facilitate your infrastructure management :

Backup & Restore Test (BRT) :

Your best guarantee towards making sure that you own a consistent backup, that can be restored in case disaster strikes.

Cold Recovery Services (CRS) :

A guaranteed disaster recovery environment to resume your business activities as soon as possible. In case of disaster, you can recover your activity without having to invest in a second IT room. The recovery is based on a restore from a backup. In this scenario, your RTO is defined in days (1-2 days).

Quick Recovery Services (QRS) :

Quick Recovery Services is the high availability solution for your IT environment (Intel and/or Power). By implementing this proven solution, you obtain a guarantee for business continuity in all cases. Your IT environment is mirrored to a secondary location in Safe2be. Besides that, we also implement a network infrastructure that will allow your users to switch over to Safe2be. In this scenario, your RTO is defined in minutes or hours.

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