During summer, everybody at EASI was wondering what would be the "look" of 'it'. Would it be faster, easier, more attractive? Of course I'm not talking about the latest iPhone.
I am talking about the latest version of our accounting software : Adfinity.

5 years ago, we launched Cloud2be, a 100% Belgian Cloud owned and managed by EASI.

EASI a racheté la société gantoise spécialisée en sécurité informatique INTO IT Systems & Security. Cette acquisition s’inscrit dans la stratégie de la société EASI de poursuivre sa croissance en région flamande. Avec cette acquisition, EASI accélère le développement de sa cellule dédiée à la sécurité informatique. Elle renforce par la même occasion son positionnement sur le marché.
EASI heeft het Gentse IT security-bedrijf INTO IT Systems & Security overgenomen. Deze overname kadert in EASI’s strategie om verder te groeien in Vlaanderen. EASI versnelt hiermee de ontwikkeling van haar bestaande security-cel en versterkt haar positionering op de markt.
Damien est Sales Team Leader au sein de l’équipe Adfinity, notre logiciel financier. Il fait partie de l’équipe depuis 8 ans déjà. Pourtant, rien ne le prédestinait à une longue carrière chez EASI.

A new vulnerability in the WPA2 Wireless security standard has been discovered! Who is impacted? How to protect yourself? Read our article to know everything about this new security breach.

It almost went unnoticed, and would have if Apple had not communicated about it. Recently, all your Apple devices have changed their underlying filesystem. Let's take a closer look.
By donating soon-to-be remplaced computers, EASI brings logistical support to associations carrying out development projects based on education.

More and more malware is released every day. And no Operating System is safe! One of the latest examples is our beloved iOS...

After the announcement last April of the arrival of Adfinity, opus 6 of our business management software, it is with great pleasure that we announce the expansion of the Adfinity family with the arrival of 16 new consultants on 18 September.