IBM Connect 2016
Joris Steppe

IBM Connect is IBM’s yearly congress where all novelties in the world of Enterprise Social Software are communicated. Together with thousands of others, my colleague Quincy and I travelled to Orlando to attend this major event.

Our goal is to learn what’s cooking in the labs on everything that’s IBM Notes / Domino, IBM Verse & other IBM Collaboration Software.

Last year IBM Verse was announced and there was a lot of fuzz around the #newwaytowork this solution would have to be. A year after this huge announcement, we were curious what’s up next in this exciting journey.

Here's what we already found out:

IBM Verse

IBM keeps its focus on IBM Verse and will add new features to its innovative e-mail platform throughout 2016.

Some of the confirmed features include the capability to use IBM Verse offline with HTML5, 3rd party UI integration and easier meeting invitation creation.

Domino Next?

Hold your horses! IBM will first focus on the Generaly Availability of IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook in the first half of 2016. With this release, every IBM customer will be able to apply a Bring Your Own Client philosophy!

And yes... finally the next version of Domino was announced. Most likely, this Domino Next will be released in the 2nd half of 2016 and will bring the IBM Verse experience on-premise.

Stay tuned for more news and gossip from IBM Connect.

Greetings from a Sunny Orlando !