Florence Cooreman

<p class="rtejustify">We’re proud to announce that we have opened a <strong>new implementation</strong> of 8 seats (and way more in the future) &nbsp;in the Belgian city of light. &nbsp;We can’t wait to discover and enjoy what this dynamic port &amp; university city has to offer. &nbsp;</p>

<h2 class="rtejustify">"With this new implementation, we will be even more reactive"&nbsp;</h2>

<p class="rtejustify"><a href="" target="_blank">Thomas Van Eeckhout</a>, Director at EASI: "<em>For our customers as well as our employees, Ghent was the logical choice. &nbsp;<br>
It's a crucial region for us; lots of strategic customers are based in this area. It’s therefore important for us to stay geographically close. By working near them, we want to be even more reactive and more quickly available to them. We’ll also be easily reachable for a meeting or a lunch and we’ll certainly have the pleasure to invite them for events (serious, or less serious ;-)) in their city, ...</em>"</p>

<h2 class="rtejustify">Flexibility, mobility and an exceptional environment : the perfect solution for Belgium's best workplace</h2>

<p class="rtejustify">For our employees, this choice also comes with various benefits. Lots of them will have to spend <strong>less time on the road</strong>, so with regards to mobility it’s of course a nice improvement for their private life. As <strong>flexibility and trust</strong> are part of our main values, we’re glad they will now have the possibility to choose where they want to work. Leuven, Nivelles, Liège, Luxembourg and now Ghent: their EASI office will never be too far.</p>

<p class="rtejustify">Finally, as we’re still massively hiring freshly graduated <strong>technical, sales and consulting profiles</strong>, this new implementation in a university city will allow us to attract new motivated candidates! We'll be waiting for you at Idola Business Center - &nbsp;Antwerpse Steenweg 19, 9080 Gent (Lochristi).</p>