End 2017, after a few years with lack of evolutions and changes around Notes/Domino, IBM announced a Domino 10 version for this year. Today, some info begins to be available about what this version would actually offer. And native iPad Notes client could be one of those.

In November 2017 the Android mobile application of SmartShare was released. In the meantime developments continued and here's already the V2, containing full mail support. Check this out!

The first version of the application has been released this week in the Google Play Store and allows you to manage your APM’s directly from your phone or tablet.

Two years after first release of SmartShare native app on iOS (iPhone / iPad), we started the Android native App... And its first version is soon to be released too !

You want to have a clear and fast overview of your tasks on your mobile device ? Be able to manage them quickly and set due dates ? I you own an iPhone or an iPad, have a look at SmartList ...

Chercher rapidement un salle libre pour une réunion de dernière minute.

Entrouvrir la porte d'une salle pour vérifier qu'elle est bien libre. C'est le lot d'actions quotidiennes réalisées lorsque plusieurs personnes souhaitent s'isoler pour une réunion.

This release includes two intersting new features in addition to all news included in v7.0 published in september 2015.

To work together means to share, exchange, communicate, define actions, delegate, ... Communication can be done via several channels like face to face discussions, phone calls, e-mails,… But it’s critical to always well formalize what we exchanged about.

As announced a month ago, the iOS mobile app of SmartShare is also evolving, in parallel to the Notes rich client version. In summary, these are the major improvements.

If you are using EASI SmartShare applications, you have the right to think its current look & feel is getting quite old... To work around this feeling, you can now decide to upgrade to the latest v7.0 which is available from today, and also offers much more than UI revamp !