Well, that’s a really good question, isn’t it? Let me start off by putting things a bit in perspective. About two years ago, I was really interested in getting myself a drone. You know, those flying quadcopters with a camera on the nose giving you the possibility to make amazing aerial shots.
At that time, it was an even bigger hype than it is now. So once I had decided which drone I would buy, I started looking out where to buy it. And that is where things got complicated...

Companies rely more and more on their IT and their applications to work as efficiently as possible. Of course, when the applications do not work or work poorly, the impact on the business can be huge. Most of the time IT teams are prepared to fix blocking issues such as server crashes or hardware failures but slowness in applications is often more complex to diagnose and resolve.

At EASI, we want to continuously improve ourselves.
In order to do so, we question our customers once a year.
Every year in June, we kindly ask our beloved customers to answer a list of questions, allowing us to understand in what domains we can improve ourselves.

As you all know, at EASI, we offer Cloud and Disaster Recovery services for your IBMi lpars since years. Guess what ? We are now starting the same services for your AIX environments!

Cloud has become a common expression, used to cover a wide range of IT solutions. Cloud is not always equal to cloud, there are many additional services that can make the difference. We'll see two different approaches in this article.

Since 5 years, we regularly do new cloud projects. Based on my experiences, I think we can clearly distinguish two main difficulties in cloud projects. Let me share some tips about choosing the right connectivity.

As we think that one of the keys to be successful is our internal resource, we organized a few workshops to develop and improve our cloud knowledge.

Cloud2be, EASI's cloud, has been promoted by IBM as an official IBM Power Systems Cloud Provider. Only two providers will have this status in Belgium!

When we talk about CVE, we talk about vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks. CVE is the abbreviation for  "Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures" and are basically vulnerabilities which are documented and made publicly available through the website of MITRE.

As one of our main value is transparancy, we regularly organize data center visits. Join us!