When we talk about CVE, we talk about vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks. CVE is the abbreviation for  "Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures" and are basically vulnerabilities which are documented and made publicly available through the website of MITRE.

As one of our main value is transparancy, we regularly organize data center visits. Join us!

5 years ago, we launched Cloud2be, a 100% Belgian Cloud owned and managed by EASI.

EASI is proud to present his newcomer in the Cloud2be/Safe2be infrastructure.
Thanks to its multiple features and its huge storage capacity we will be able to absorb more efficiently the increasing backup demands of our customers.

Do you need an antispam system when you migrate to Office 365? That's the question and we will try to answer it.

Malware attacks sometimes encourage IT departments to turn inward and delay investment in new technologies like cloud computing, fearing that something managed by others will be more vulnerable. That's where IT departments are wrong!

Why did UCM choose the Cloud2be solution?

Cloud2be offers customized cloud solutions that are managed by human experts. The below article describes exactly how we do this.

Maybe you have already heard about VMware's NSX network virtualization platform, but you probably don't know all the ins and the outs. EASI's Inspiration Day is the perfect occasion to meet VMware's expert and discover everything you want to know about it! 

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