Creating tables in Excel was never that easy.

Do you want to receive a weekly overview of your cash flow? or a monthly reporting with the unpaids ?
It's now possible with the newsletters of our new accounting software Adfinity. Learn more about it in this article.

We are glad to introduce you the new Adfinity reporting in Excel.

During summer, everybody at EASI was wondering what would be the "look" of 'it'. Would it be faster, easier, more attractive? Of course I'm not talking about the latest iPhone.
I am talking about the latest version of our accounting software : Adfinity.

After the announcement last April of the arrival of Adfinity, opus 6 of our business management software, it is with great pleasure that we announce the expansion of the Adfinity family with the arrival of 16 new consultants on 18 September.

A properly functioning application is the result of a healthy marriage between hardware and software.

In accounting, the importance of properly allocating our accounting documents has been amply demonstrated. If an error occurs during coding, this affects our balance sheet, our budgets, our analytical breakdowns, and so on. We need to be able to modify chargeable postings during the approval cycle. To this end, we must account for them and Adfinity has new functionalities so that this can be done.

For many years, the question of the end of the ERP module as we know it flourishes just about everywhere in specialised publications, Forbes for example. Before trying to provide possible answers to the question which we are asking ourselves, it would be interesting to determine the scope of what is meant by ERP, before getting on with attempting to outline some facts.

Scanning incoming documents like purchase invoices offers lots of benefits for your organisation.
The question we’re always asked straightaway is about keeping the hard copy documents.
What are the best practices? What is acceptable, and what is legal?

The digitalisation of enterprise processes has a huge impact on a lot of jobs. The job of an accounting responsible will also change drastically in the coming years. More and more tasks of humans will be done by computers in the near future. In the accounting world we're talking about Robotic Accounting.