What a great VMworld this year! The key message that I take home from this edition is: "Realize what is possible". Let me share some highlights of this 2017 'Grand Cru' edition.   
Cette année marquait le 10ème anniversaire de l’iPhone. Après avoir vendu plus d’1 milliard de smartphones dans le monde, Apple a dévoilé hier l’iPhone X. Un modèle innovant, condensé de fonctionnalités matérielles et logicielles.
Designer nos produits internes autant que les applications mobiles développées pour nos clients, gérer le layout de tous nos sites, créer des visuels attractifs pour les articles de blog et campagnes de communication… Les journées de Jérémy, notre Web Designer, sont pour le moins remplies. Ce qu’il aime par-dessus tout ? Le design d’applications mobiles.

In accounting, the importance of properly allocating our accounting documents has been amply demonstrated. If an error occurs during coding, this affects our balance sheet, our budgets, our analytical breakdowns, and so on. We need to be able to modify chargeable postings during the approval cycle. To this end, we must account for them and Adfinity has new functionalities so that this can be done.

For many years, the question of the end of the ERP module as we know it flourishes just about everywhere in specialised publications, Forbes for example. Before trying to provide possible answers to the question which we are asking ourselves, it would be interesting to determine the scope of what is meant by ERP, before getting on with attempting to outline some facts.

Scanning incoming documents like purchase invoices offers lots of benefits for your organisation.
The question we’re always asked straightaway is about keeping the hard copy documents.
What are the best practices? What is acceptable, and what is legal?

Here is my experience of "Vis ma vie de SE" at EASI.

This article goes out to everyone out there still running an old version of Windows and wondering if it is time for a change to something more secure. Here are 5 reasons why you wanna make that safe move to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016!

The iPhone’s 10th anniversary was just a few weeks ago. Along with an even stronger than usual rumor fest about the next iPhone, a great book came out titled “The One Device”. Here is a small tour, and a parallel with the way we work at EASI.

SmartSales is expanding to Switzerland thanks to a partnership with soluware.