• SharePoint Import Tool

Sharepoint Import Tool


Do you have useful data from other systems you want to import in SharePoint?


With our EASI SharePoint Import Tool, we can migrate and import your current data into SharePoint.

Would you like to fetch data from your IBM Notes domino apps? Also check our IBM Notes Data export tool


EASI's SharePoint Import Tool is a solution that allows you to:

  • Import all data types to SharePoint metadata fields (Text, DateTime, Users, Groups, multi-selection lists...)
  • Migrate to lists, document libraries and 'document set' folders
  • Import Rich Text content and (re)include attachmentinside the rich text
  • Inline images can be kept, or can be migrated to a document library
  • Migrate data to different sites, based on a configuration file

...And all of this without any coding!

You have any data to import into Sharepoint? Contact us!