To cloud or not to cloud?

Delivering a performant and stable IT environment to your company is becoming more and more complex. Depending on your current information architecture, current investments and business strategy, managing (part of) your IT environment in the cloud might be an excellent option for you.

Choices have to be made. The (non-)availability of in-house resources, legacy applications, business challenges, compliance and/or costs are all elements that will play their role in your decision making process. What you need is a flexiblelocal partner that can handle your individual situation and truly understands your needs.

EASI Cloud

How can we help you?

Infrastructure as a Service

Our IaaS offering allows you to compose your own, tailor-made cloud environment in Cloud2be. Based on a thorough analysis, our experts will build a solid, well-sized solution to fit your needs. By default, the environment is managed by EASI until the virtualisation layer but we can go further if you want.

Managed Cloud

You want to outsource the full management of your cloud environment to a trusted partner? You’ve come to the right place: EASI is an experienced managed services provider. If you choose our managed cloud services, EASI will take over the full responsibility of your cloud environment.

Application hosting

You’re using a 3rd party application and looking for a private cloud to make it work? We can setup an environment specifically tailored to the needs & workloads of your application. Contact us to know more

Business Continuity

Our cloud-based business continuity offerings bring you the guarantees for rapid recovery from incidents that would disrupt your normal business and operational processes. According to your enterprise's RTO and RPO criteria, we will offer the most suitable solution for your needs.

Backup & Recovery solutions

A good backup policy is a key ingredient to guarantee your business continuity. Our flexible cloud-based backup & recovery offerings (including remote backup services, backup restore tests, cold recovery services, and quick recovery services) are suited to the needs of any type of enterprise.

Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for a simple, cloud-based tool for storing & sharing files in the cloud, SmartDrive is the solution you need! It offers the convenience & user-friendliness of Dropbox-like solutions, but hosted in Belgium and managed by your trusted partner, EASI.

Why Cloud2be?

Skills & technologies

Unlike most cloud providers, we’re capable of setting up complex IT environments in Cloud2be, combining different types of technologies including Windows-, Linux- and IBM Power (AS/400 - i & AIX) components.

ISO 27001

Cloud2be is an ISO27001 certified cloud. Our cloud is located in a Tier III(+) data center with duplication of installations and components and ISMS systems for security management. This results in a guaranteed uptime of 99,982%!

Support & SLA’s

Customers of Cloud2be can count on a professional helpdesk, reachable by phone and extranet. For more demanding customers we have Service Level Agreements up to 24/7 support with guaranteed intervention times.

100% owned, designed & managed by EASI

Working with Cloud2be means entrusting your IT environment to one single trusted IT partner. No third parties are involved. You know who to contact in case of questions, and we take the full responsibility of your satisfaction.

Tailored solution

No “one-size-fits-all” solutions here. Every environment is set up, tailored to the specific needs of every single customer. You’re paying what you are using, and you’re using what you’re paying for. You need more or less storage, CPU-power or bandwidth? We follow your needs, up and down, whenever you want, for short or for long periods.

Located in Belgium

Our datacenter is located in Belgium. Your data will never leave the Belgian territory. You know where your data are. Even more: if you want to visit our datacenter and have a look for yourself, you’re welcome!

We are already helping them


“It isn’t a client-supplier relationship, it’s a partnership. That helps us go further.”


"The services, skills, and experience of EASI's team were impressive."


"Thanks to real-time data replication, both environments are constantly kept up-to-date."


"We are sure that we can always have the latest technologies with Cloud2be"

Pioneer Europe

"The full IBM Notes environment including ASaaS is running on Cloud2be."

Idelux AIVE

"Thanks to EASI's Safe2be solution, we no longer need to have in-house expertise for this purpose."


"We only pay for what we use, which is very important nowadays."

Brabants Apothekers Forum

"It is important for our data to be located in our home country and that their confidentiality stays guaranteed."


"We trust in Cloud2be for our critical applications."

Tip Top industrie

"By hosting our infrastructure in Cloud2be, we can focus on what we do best: running our business!"

Maison Marie-Immaculee

"The real bonus of EASI is that everyone affected got involved."


"We have a historic partnership with EASI, we know their level of services and trust them."

What's your cloud challenge?

Technologies & partnerships

Microsoft SQL
VMware Enterprise Partner
Citrix Silver Solution Advisor
IBM Power Systems
IBM Platinum Business Partner
Arcad Software
Trend Micro
Dell Technologies Gold Partner
IBM Notes
Microsoft Gold Partner
Apple iOS

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