Qui n'a jamais eu envie de connaitre le mot de passe de son mari ou de sa femme ?

You have probably heard about the latest ransomware : Wannacry. Ransomware is a piece of software that encrypts all your files and asks you to pay a ransom if you want to get your data decrypted. But Wannacry brings a new feature... it can contaminate your other machines too! What can you do to protect yourself? 

Is there really a need for a systems hardening audit? Please judge for yourself: try t ocount the number of spam messages and viruses that delay your systems, the cryptolocker virus that makes you loose time, the integrity of your backups, the access and the securisation of our IT material, your websites, your WiFi network, etc... 

Like burglars looking for the house without cameras or newspapers piled up indicating a family on vacation, cyber criminals are constantly probing for vulnerabilities.
Here are 5 tips to consider in 2017.

Ever wondered if your files on SmartDrive are virus-free? Read on to exactly know how we do this.

I will talk about the SlowLoris, not the animal but the computer attack. An attack that people do not know most of the time, but that's really impacting.

In november, EASI organised an event around the theme "IT Security and Business Continuity". It was a perfect occasion for the participants to get to know a major player in the data security field: WatchGuard. I wanted to share the following feedback about this interesting afternoon.


This article will introduce the role of a reverse proxy. Often misunderstood, this service will provide you more than expected.

Security is important, whether it is virtual or physical.

In the same way as you lock your house, car, safe, … you should secure and protect your online assets.

After reading this article, you will be able to install & enable data deduplication on your fileserver.