Even when you are a sole entrepreneur or with a small team of 4-5 employees, you need to use a collaboration tool. Many entrepreneurs think that collaboration software is only something for bigger enterprises. That’s wrong. You need it in order to grow. You need to set yourself up for success.

In this article, I will give you my views on the most important steps and things to consider in your search for an efficient email management tool.  

Many people confuse email- and task management. Task management and email management are 2 different things. How is this possible? 

First of all, what is the difference between being effective and being efficient?

Effectivity is actually achieving the goal. Efficiency is the ability to work the minimum amount of hours to achieve a certain outcome..

In productivity however it is more important to be effective than to be efficient.

As I wrote last week, there are significant benefits of having an integrated IT-suite within the company. In this blogpost I want to give specific examples of how that would play out and how specifically companies can benefit from integrated suites.

Since the invention of the internet and PC’s there has been an enormous increase in productivity. This increase can be attributed (in part) to a new form of communication: email. The first years of the (commercial) invention of the internet there was a huge emphasis on emails. It has been the most used communication tool for years and has been a staple in the business world. Everything could be done with email: communication, delegation, working together on certain information etc. You could even coordinate schedules by emailing back and forth.

We have all heard about IT collaboration solutions and how they can improve our lives and the way we collaborate with our colleagues. But many people haven’t committed to trying/implementing these solutions. Most small business owners think that this IT software is only for large companies. This is a misconception because all companies can benefit from IT software that improves collaboration.

You want to have a clear and fast overview of your tasks on your mobile device ? Be able to manage them quickly and set due dates ? I you own an iPhone or an iPad, have a look at SmartList ...

Project management is becoming more and more important and this is a process that will continue if we may believe the current business thought leaders.

One of the most common reasons that businesses stay with their old way of doing things, is the fear of change, whether thes changes being in the way of working as in technology or collaboration systems. Even when the old system is outdated and incredibly inefficient, people will still prefer to continue with the old system than to change. This post will focus on this resistance to change and how effective leaders deal with this.