Malware attacks sometimes encourage IT departments to turn inward and delay investment in new technologies like cloud computing, fearing that something managed by others will be more vulnerable. That's where IT departments are wrong!

Why did UCM choose the Cloud2be solution?

Cloud2be offers customized cloud solutions that are managed by human experts. The below article describes exactly how we do this.

Maybe you have already heard about VMware's NSX network virtualization platform, but you probably don't know all the ins and the outs. EASI's Inspiration Day is the perfect occasion to meet VMware's expert and discover everything you want to know about it! 

Want to know where your data are stored ? Join us to the next Datacenter Tour !

Most of us knows what IPV4 is. A widely used protocol in the Internet. But most of us also knows that IPV4 address pool is almost exhausted. It is now time to look towards the future ... IPV6.

Since 5 years I've managed several cloud migration projects that allowed me to get a lot of experiences with specific customers needs. I will make you benefit of this experience during my session at EASI's Inspiration Day on June 1st!

SecurIT  took the step to migrate its IBM Notes mail platform to Microsoft Office 365. The Domino applications, however, will not be migrated. They will keep on running on IBM Domino. How do they do that?

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time since the beginning of Cloud2be, we had to activate our maintenance window.
This means that during a window of 24 hours we are allowed to do maintenance tasks that could disrupt services for our clients.

When speaking about a Cloud environment, the most important part is the connectivity. You can have the best servers of the world in the very best data center, but, if your connectivity is bad, too slow, not reliable or keeps dropping now and then, you will end up having issues with you end users and probably your management.