SecurIT  took the step to migrate its IBM Notes mail platform to Microsoft Office 365. The Domino applications, however, will not be migrated. They will keep on running on IBM Domino. How do they do that?

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time since the beginning of Cloud2be, we had to activate our maintenance window.
This means that during a window of 24 hours we are allowed to do maintenance tasks that could disrupt services for our clients.

When speaking about a Cloud environment, the most important part is the connectivity. You can have the best servers of the world in the very best data center, but, if your connectivity is bad, too slow, not reliable or keeps dropping now and then, you will end up having issues with you end users and probably your management.

No reason to not keep going with our Datacenter Tours in 2017 ! We know how important it is to you that our Cloud solution is located in Belgium. To make it concrete for everyone, customers as prospects, we are organizing a visit of our Cloud2be Datacenter on a regular basis. In short, this is a guided tour in our cloud.

As you probably know, we, at EASI, are experts with the IBM Power i technologies. Our experience shows that most of the IBM i users are still using old version of the IBM Power i (Power 5 or 6). When the time has come to renew it, you might face the dilemma of buying a new machine (Power 8) or moving to a Cloud Provider. I'm going to give you a few reasons why considering a Cloud Solution might be interesting for your company.

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in Cloud2be now has a new customer : the Rossel group.

The interest in cloud computing is growing since several years now. In a recent study by ServiceNew, « The 2016 Cloud Computing Tipping Point », more than 50% of the surveyed people declared that they are willing to choose a cloud solution instead of an on-premise IT room. Four persons out of five are stating that this choice will be made in the coming 2 years.

A few weeks ago, the executive committee spent two days outside the company to focus on the future developments of EASI. One of these topics was the features we want to add to Cloud2be. A very important decision was made.

A few weeks ago, we asked the manager of Metaphisa if SmartDrive suited her needs. Find a part of the feedback in this article.

During the latest months, we realized a lot of investments in Cloud2be. In line with the growing workloads on our cloud, the Cloud2be infrastructure say welcome to the next-generation IBM V7000.