The company car is once again in the eye of the storm when it comes to budgets and cost estimations. The last "attack" on this form of fringe benefits focuses on the deductibility of fuel costs.

During the first Roadshow of EASI, the collaborators were dreaming about, one day, hosting this in a cinema. It was in 2003...

Implementation of IFRS 16 is compulsory as of 1 January 2019. What is the best way to get prepared? You can anticipate the implementation of the new standard in your group by asking the right questions today!

In Adfinity, it's possible to spread the costs as well as the revenue to reflect the accounting result as accurately as possible.

In the era of digitalisation, let's discover how to book a purchase order using our web platform and our tablet app. 

Whatever the periodicity, Adfinity manages the invoicing in an efficient way! 

As a result of the rise of cloud applications, more and more companies are hosting their software packages in an external infrastructure. The SaaS mode of Adfinity is a high quality solution that allows you to focus only on your responsibilities as a financial responsible.

Do you manage a multi-company environment and are you invoicing costs between the different companies in your group? That is what we call intercompany invoicing and within Adfinity this is perfectly manageable.

EASI's financial management software, reference in the medium-sized companies market for more than 15 years, gets a makeover. Major updates, a new look & feel and a new name: the latest version of our accounting program comes with some great surprises.

As a rookie within EASI, I followed a series of trainings, together with some new customers that chose to work with EASI in 2016. My first impressions.