EASI's financial management software, reference in the medium-sized companies market for more than 15 years, gets a makeover. Major updates, a new look & feel and a new name: the latest version of our accounting program comes with some great surprises.

As from version 5.52, e-Invoicing and the use of e-FFF files becomes even more real in Adfinity.

As a rookie within EASI, I followed a series of trainings, together with some new customers that chose to work with EASI in 2016. My first impressions.

The importance of purchase orders (PO) is often minimized in document management procedures.
Mostly used to handle the commercial interactions between customers and suppliers, these documents are more than a simple administrative formality.

Every month, almost every financial director in Belgium opens an Excel file and starts analysing the data... but first, he needs to treat them, change them, make tables and graphs of them, ... in short: he needs to make the figures speak! Some of them dispose of Excel sheets that can be refreshed in real-time, based on a direct connection to a database. But after a while, this type of Excelsheets can become slower and slower...

As an entrepreneur, you can be sure of one thing: you have to keep track of your accounting. To do so properly, you obviously use an accounting software program. Choosing the right accounting software that best suits your needs, is extremely important, because this may come with many advantages and/or disadvantages. In this article, we will provide you with a few points that you definitely need to consider.

On today’s software market, there are a number of players who specifically target the construction sector. This mainly relates to ERP applications including accounting. A disadvantage of such full blown packages is that there is often a focus on specific elements, whereby other elements receive less attention in terms of developments, innovations and automations. For that reason, companies are increasingly choosing a best-of-breed strategy.

Since January 2016, VAT returns, which are usually submitted on the eTVA platform, can also be submitted on the eCDF platform. The idea being that ultimately everything will be done using the same eCDF platform.

What is bank reconciliation ? Read this article to learn more about it !

During the previous years, Adfinity became a reference on the market of accounting softwares.
In 2017, we decided to stimulate our added value even more by launching a brand new version.