Here are the most used tools in Adfinity

We have recently noticed that the new Microsoft Windows 10 update triggers a critical anomaly in EASI Financials / Adfinity.
Follow here the process to correct this anomaly.

Adfinity's SmartCODA solution enables intelligent recognition and interpretation of bank movements. One of the difficulties is linked to card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bancontact, etc.). What can be automated? How to deal with payments by terminals?

When a client buys a new accounting solution such as Adfinity, they clearly need some solid training for the end users. Indeed, they will need to be able to use all the different elements of the solution.
There are also programs for specific modules, which are followed by a limited number of users.
How do you decide who should do the training, and how does EASI work?

Since 1999, Adfinity has positioned itself as an accounting and financial management software.
Over the years, many modules and functionalities have reinforced this positioning and even opened the door to other areas.
So many strings on our bow which allow us to bring added value to our customers every day.

If you're not using Adfinity, but still want to benefit from the advantages of OCR-technology, you'd better read the rest of this article.

How to work faster/efficienter with Adfinity? In this article, I would like to give 5 tips that I use everyday as an employee and customer manager at EASI.

Adding invoices as attachments to the digital payment reminders: an easy and efficient solution that makes accountants gain huge amounts of time!

The company car is once again in the eye of the storm when it comes to budgets and cost estimations. The last "attack" on this form of fringe benefits focuses on the deductibility of fuel costs.

During the first Roadshow of EASI, the collaborators were dreaming about, one day, hosting this in a cinema. It was in 2003...